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Safer practices and capacity building for plant medicine facilitators and mental health professionals

Safety Training & 
Integration Training

Increasing the Safety of Ayahuasca Sessions

Our harm reduction course for ceremonial plant facilitators.

> Applications closed for 2023. 

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Integration Training

A course for health care professionals wanting to support people processing altered states of consciousness.  

> Applications NOW OPEN util student quota filled

> Course will run from Sept 13th to December 5th, 2023

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Made for professionals

We offer advanced courses to give experienced professionals the extra edge in emergent filed of altered states of consciousness  psychedlci ecosystems athed the  committed people with professional experience the best training   

Designed to adapt to your schedule

Our courses are designed for you to lear at your own pace. We combine the best of pre-recorded content with regular live calls to interact with instructors. Recordings of love calls are available for those who cannot attend.

Endorsed by ICEERS

Since 2010 ICEERS has been on the forefront of the legal, scientific, and communal aspect of the globalization of indigenous plant medicines. We are the research group with the most publications on ayahuasca.  Our support center has attended more than 1000 queries.  

ICEERS Academy

Since 2008 the ICEERS Foundation has been navigating the challenges of the globalization of Traditional Indigenous Medicines.

We engage with scientists, policy makers, indigenous leaders and the plant medicine community, to create a future where traditional indigenous medicines can be integrated into Global North societies.

ICEERS Academy gathers our decade long experience into online courses aimed at professionals who want to make their work better.

Our initial offering is two separate but complimentary courses: 

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Safer practices and capacity building in ceremonial plant work
in non-traditional contexts